Thursday, October 28, 2010

Working with Phil Collumn in Malibu, CA - Feb 2009

I was introduced to photographer Phil Collum of Aspect Intensity by his model muse Orlando "Lando" Lopez who worked with Ev Dylan. Phil and I put together some great ideas, and I had been near the interesting location in the Malibu State Park before, but wanted to hike up to this abandon water tower. Inside was graffiti and a very neat setting for a skater looking idea I had.

Phil probably worked harder on getting the right type of light and effect that I have ever seen, his attention to detail was great and it was clear he was a perfectionist. We spent the entire day up at the park area and got some great images. Phil is another photographer that is really awesome to work with because of his seriousness and dedication to getting it right.

I would love to work with Phil again, but I can't seem to get in contact with him, not sure if he has given up photography or not.

Aspect Intensity Model Mayhem
Aspect Intensity official website

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