Saturday, March 26, 2011


If you haven't gotten your copy of Ev Dylan's LUST with me on the cover, many pictures you have never seen before, and that have never and will neve be posted online of me and all the other models, now is your chance to save money!

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To see a list of all the models in the book you can go here...
Male models featured in Ev Dylan's LUST

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2nd shoot with Darren Sabino finally revealed

After a very long wait, the talented Darren Sabino has shown me the pics we did way back in September, the last shoot I did with my long hair. I shot for the first time with a female model, the very HOT Catlin Hix (see her model profile here Darren is very talented and I enjoyed working with him, and een though I was very aggrivated with the long wait, I love the results. These pictures were done in Galveston, TX where I live.

More of these coming soon

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ev Dylan (more from Malibu shoot from Oct 2010)


We shot a variety of things while in Malibu, CA back in Oct. I have sat on a few of them, mostly because we got the killer leather speed racer looking one piece suit from Buffallo Exchange in Sherman Oaks, it was part of the Halloween stuff but it was a perfect shooting outfit. Ev Dylan put me on the foggy balcony high above the hills in Malibu and the shot turned out pretty cool and dramatic. However, he also shot his superstar model Matthew Hartwig in the suit and I felt Matthew rocked it better than I did. Another one of Ev's models Jeff also modeled the popular suit so I just sacked my shots because I felt both guys made it look better than me. However with those new MM slots I finally unearthed it for everyone to see. Here are some more of those shots.

Check out Ev Dylan's new revamped website