Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ev Dylan and DW Chase meet for the ***FIRST TIME***

Driving from Los Angeles, CA out to Palm Springs to meet with Texas photographer Ev Dylan, I decided when I got there I would inform him this would be my final photoshoot. I had even debated canceling on him days prior, but since I never cancel, I continued on with the plans. It was the end of June, and well over 100 degrees out in the Mojave Desert.

I met Ev Dylan at his hotel, along with another model, and we all drove out to Joshua Tree National Park, I had never been there, but Ev Dylan had shot there before on one of his many trips to SoCal. Ev was super nice, young, and seemed to understand how to have fun and enjoy the work as he did it. He had packed a cooler full of water for our all day shoot, trekking through the alien landscape that was all dirt and no people.

I had brought with me a huge variety of clothes and looks, I figured if this was going to be my last photoshoot I would make it a good one. I had really liked Ev's work for quite sometime, and he was really starting to generate buzz on Model Mayhem.

We would shoot for 10-15 minutes, then move locations, and change outfits, the sun was beating down, I had to apply sunscreen so many times, and we did this for about 6 or 7 hours before I was completely exhausted, but I had really enjoyed working with him. As excited as I was to talk with him about what we had got, I was very tired and had a long trip back home, so I said goodbye when we finally got back to Palm Springs, and headed back home. I had no clue, that in five months, I would be going to TEXAS of all places to work with Ev Dylan again.

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