Thursday, October 14, 2010

Last shoot of 2007, First shoot in Los Angeles

In preparation to move to Los Angeles California, I made a trip out there in December of 2007 with my very good friend Cory of CS Photography. He has been to SoCal before and helped me look around for apartments and job. We had been planning on working together for a while and we did some test shooting while in Los Angeles. He had ask that I not shave any of my body hair for the shoot, which I thought was ridiculous, and very itchy. But I did it, and it was a very interesting experience.

  Like many of the photographers I worked with, CS Photography was just getting started. Every shoot he did would further his talent and amazing photo editing skills. He remains one of the best editors I know of. This would be the first time we shot together, it would be two years before we would work together again. By the time my next photoshoot came around, I would be living in SoCal...

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