Friday, October 29, 2010

Ev Dylan Part 7, early spring 2009


After working with Ev Dylan so much, I became a great way for him to bounce ideas off as well as concepts and looks for other photoshoots he was working on. If either of had ideas and spare time we would do what I call "mini shoots" of just a single concept. Sometimes these worked out, others they didn't. So here is a few of those grouped together. Some have been on Model Mayhem, other have never been seen at all.

White Series Headshots:

Ranch Series:

Gothic Glitter series:

Pool Time series:


1 comment:

  1. I like the White Series headshots. Your face expresses so much character and provides a unique and interesting visual landscape to explore. Full body photographs that include your other overtly masculine physical attributes (legs and feet are amazing) make for some very compelling imagery indeed.

    While not all completely successful from my perspective, your work with Dylan always feels very intimate, I imagine as a result of the nature of your continued collaboration. As a consequence, the viewer is more inclined to have a subtle emotional response to these images.