Friday, December 17, 2010

DNA said "no"

Well after a $1600 flight to Perth Australia, incredeble shots with Ev Dylan, a hospital visit with food poison, complete exsaustion the pictures we did specifically for DNA magazine were rejected. The editor said, "you don’t have the physique for DNA".

Very dissapointing.

I am currently looking for another magazine to send the photos too (these are NOT the photos below BTW). The shots we did on the beaches of Perth turned out really fantastic, some of the best work Ev Dylan and I have done. So hopefully I will find another magazine who finds my "physique" worthy.

 These test shots done by Ev Dylan were taken obviously before the Perth Australia shoot and before I cut my hair. Some of the outfits you see here were used in the Perth Australia photoshoot.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Calvin Brockington - short hair shoot Nov 2010

So I worked with Calvin Brockington again. The Famous Dallas photographer everyoneis talking about, and a good friend of mine.

I went back to Dallas, short hair this time, chest hair, much more manly looking, haha.
Here are a few of the shots from the day long shoot. More to come soon!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Less frequent Updates . . . whats up next

I won't be posting daily anymore, because I ran out of photoshoots to show you guys, haha. The newst pictures are always posted on my Model Mayhem account.

What I haven't posted on this blog yet are
-the entire set of Malibu pics v Dylan and I did in October

-The second shoot with CBF in Dallas
-The epic Perth, Australia shoot I did in Nov with Ev Dylan which hopefully will be featured in DNA

So keep checkin back, I still have a few surprises to post on here, and I will add something each week.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Malibu with Ev Dylan in October 2010

Ev Dylan and I returned to shoot in Malibu California, although in a completely different setting... high in the hills, overlooking the ocean and the celebrities below.

This is part one of the Malibu shoot we did in October, the other parts have not been posted online yet so I am going to hold off on posting them for a little while.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ethan Kim - Seattle, WA - Sept 2010

I found a photographer named Ethan Kim on Model Mayhem while planning my trip to Seattle. I liked his work and especially his choice in interesting locations. So I contacted him and we worked on ideas back and forth before my arrival. He scouted out some great locations and I had put together a theme of local market/fisherman that reflected the young guys working in those areas. This would be my second shoot with the short hair. Once I got there I had to get authentic work/fishing wear to make shoot interesting.

I was very pleased with how the photos turned out, it was something very different for me, and for Ethan Kim I think. The guys over at reFRESH magazine also used the set in their latest update.

Thanks to Ethan Kim for a great shoot and really inspired editing on these shots.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ev Dylan - Seattle, Washington, September 2010

It wasn't easy getting getting all of may hair cut off, because I had been growing it out all year long. However, I was tried of fooling with the curls and the length. I wanted a change, and I wanted a drastically different look. I was recommended to a great young guy in Houston Texas for the haircut, Holden Allen who studied my head, look, hair, etc and came up with a fantastic short hair idea that is similar to a new age mohawk but still very different. I fell in love with the hair cut, and didn't miss the long hair very long.

My first shoot with the new hair would be a Washington National Forrest series with Ev Dylan near Seattle. It was actually very close to where the Twilight movies are filmed. The shoot was picked up and published by YVY Magazine (which seemed to have crashed this week)


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Darren Sabino - 2nd Photoshoot - Sept 2010

Photographer Darren Sabino and I really liked working together back in the spring and kept in touch to plan a second shoot. Sabino had an idea for a couples shoot and was scouting to find the perfect female model. After a couple of models, a few false starts, cancelled shoots and location changes, finally everything came together on Galveston, Texas' West End beach in a national park reserve area. The very beautiful Caitlin Hixx from Houston, TX was the female model finally chosen for the shoot. Caitlin's boyfriend, Sabino, and I all met on the beach with only a few hours of remaining sun to make the shoot work.

I was very excited, and had scouted the location for the shoot myself on my own time, I had always wanted to work with a beautiful female model on a shoot like this. I felt the shots turned out fantastic from what I saw on the camera and the preview shots Sabino showed me a few weeks later. . . however, now 68 days later, Sabino has still not edited and returned the pictures. I have texted, called, left Facebook messages, emails, and Sabino moved from TX to NY for another job and lately has not returned my msg's (to be fair after this post he did leave me a voice mail).  I was not paid for this shoot, which was fine, but I put quite a few hours into the shoot, scouting, taking off work early to make the shoot, and my payment for the shoot was the pictures, which I don't have.

I do understand Sabino is busy, but its the most annoying thing for a model is to be waiting, and waiting, and waiting for pictures. I usually like to post my pictures in chronological order (especially since I started this blog) but sadly I have no pictures to post this time, and no idea when I will actually get them.

This was actually the last photoshoot I did with my long curly hair, I cut it right after the shoot with Sabino .

Here is Darren Sabino's facebook, encourage him to edit the pictures so I can post them!!/darrensabino

Here is also Darren Sabino's TWITTER and you can clearly see he is doing many other things instead of editing the pictures, which really kind of makes me mad, if he is that busy he shouldn't be doing other photoshoots while neglecting the pictures we did back in September.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ev Dylan - Kansas Photoshoot - August 2010

There was no yellow brick road, or wicked witch, however long time collaborator Ev Dylan and I ventured to Midwest Kansas for a completely different type of photoshoot. We drove around looking for open fields and cool spots to implement some of the ideas that would only work in this location, so it was a one time chance.

I think originally we envisioned these pictures turning out different, but I think they are interesting done the less, and did finally find some interest on a blog where they were published in Beautiful Magazine.

Can I also take the time to say I really appreciate all the kindness and space Beautiful Magazine has given me on their magazine this past year. They have been so encouraging in my modeling career and always willing to put my new work out there with such kind backing, I really appreciate their generosity.

Here are some of the Kansas shots that did not end up in Beautiful Magazine


Friday, November 19, 2010

The Other half of the shoot with Calvin Brockington (Aug 2010)

The other post was so big I didn't want to add the other half of the shoot in Dallas with CBF to it. After shooting the outdoor material in Forth Worth, Calvin and I headed back to his studio in Dallas to shoot a few more ideas that would be posted elsewhere online. We wanted to completely change the dynamic for these shots, so I changed my hair and look.

The first series ended up in the online magazine Oh La La

The second studio set was published in Beautiful Magazine along with a great article on Calvin and his journey to where he is today.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Calvin Brockington Photography - Dallas, TX - August 2010

I had been patiently watching this former model get into a career of photography. I first heard of Calvin Brockington when we did some modeling work for Ethan James, a photographer I had also worked with, but that was years ago. It was late spring 2010 that I noticed Calvin starting to get more and more talented behind the camera, working with some impressive models in Dallas, TX where he was based.

 I had been asked by a few photographer to make the long drive to Dallas for a photoshoot, but I really didn't feel any of them were worth my time until CBF. After his work with models Dylan and James I began talks with Calvin about a shoot for late summer. He agreed and seemed very excited to work with me, which is something I find less and less of the more I model. Excitement from a photographer can make all the difference for me as the model, it makes me want to try harder, work on concepts and go the extra mile.

So I made the 5 hour drive to Dallas, TX where I met with Calvin and his set location assistant, as we traveled out to Fort Worth for a shoot that was themed "country life". Calvin certainly understand sex appeal and he and I had been discussing ideas and concepts for this particular idea for a couple of months. He found a great location that really rooted the theme.

Because of Calvin's enthusiasm, talent, and intense worth ethic he had quickly become very popular in online men's fashion magazines and contacted them immediately after our shoot and it seemed various publications were very excited to post and publish our work, so here are some of the links where the first shoot Calvin Brockington and I did were published.