Thursday, June 30, 2011

More WagnerLA shots hit the web!

The photoshoot with David Wagner from April 2011 in West Hollywood is the shoot that just keeps on giving. Here is one more new shot that was featured on the Homotography male model blog. For more pics in that article go here

Thursday, June 23, 2011

More WagnerLA photos pubished in Island part II

A couple more of the WagnerLA shots from the shoot in April 2011 in West Hollywood. Believe it or not there are yet stillmore photos waiting for publication. These are a different skater look with more natural body hair.

To see the full article with more photos go here

David Wagner's portfolio on Model Mayhem

DW Chase Model Mayhem

Friday, June 17, 2011

Looking for something NEW to post

Well as you have already noticed if you are reading this, the blog looks a little different. The colors are inspired by my excitement for my upcoming return to Hawaii. I actually have a lot of photoshoots coming up all over the world so there will be lots of updates from places I have never been before!

I promised more of the duo shots I did with the very hot Catlin Hixx, so here are the rest of those. There are still more pictures to post from the WagnerLA photoshoot, just waiting for those to be published so I can post them.

Monday, June 6, 2011

More published work with WagnerLA (featured in "ISLAND")

   My photoshoot back in April 2011 with up and coming - in demand photographer David Wagner is finally starting to unroll onto the internet. Spending weeks planning for the three day shoot with Wagner in West Hollywood, CA, one of the ideas we had was to alter my body hair each day. So the first day it was very natural, very grown out, the second day, the chest hair was thinned out and down a little bit, and by the third barely any chest hair and a more contained trail.

Wagner has been working with KaiJankovic for a while now. Jankovic is a wardrobe stylist, but with Wagner has been providing connections and outlets for his published work. One of the regular contributors and editors on the popular male modeling site Island, the first real set of images has now been published there.

The action skating shots where a trail and error for Wagner who mostly shoots studio type stuff. I wanted to show off my skateboarding skills just a little bit, and capture something similar to Zac Efron's recent impromptu skateboard photoshoot. I was surprised at how many people were nice enough to step out of or way until we got the shot we needed, as we were right in the middle of the bike path. It was a beautiful morning we did those shots in Manhattan Beach and I think whether or not you enjoy those shots, they were really fun for us to collaborate on.

For more pictures and the FULL article featured in ISLANDS click here