Friday, October 22, 2010

T E X A S working with Ev Dylan for the second time

     "I look at each shoot with each model as a chance to share my vision on what I see special about each of them." -Ev Dylan, Beautiful Magazine Oct 2010 

     So after I had declared I wasn't modeling anymore, I was so impressed with the quality of work I did with Ev Dylan and how down to earth and helpful he was. It was impossible to turn down the opportunity to work with him again. So I took vacation time at work, flew to Houston Texas (during a time when California was on fire, missed my plane, had to be diverted, etc but that's a diff story).

Texas was overwhelming and so much fun, the locations were unlike anywhere I had done shoots before. I again, had one of the most amazing shoots that I had ever had, and Ev Dylan helped me realize I still had a burning desire to do more in the modeling field.

I wanted to do something completely different from our last shoot in the desert, and with each photographer and shoot I try to change my look a great deal, so I went and has all that blond hair cut off. So my first shoot in Texas was short hair, and lots of scruff.

I think very few models find that photographer that they feel truly comfortable with, sharing ideas and concepts, and very few photographers who allow the model to have such input in the shoot. That's why Ev Dylan and I have worked together so much, because its a mutual respect and creation of the pictures.


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  1. One can see how both the photographer and you as a model are producing more personal and mature work. Really beautiful.