Monday, October 25, 2010

5th time in a row shooting with Ev Dylan

At this point I had moved to Texas and began a new job. For the first time Ev Dylan and I wanted to use the idea of Texas in the photographs, so it was a very cowboy/western look for a few of these photographs. Also there is an interesting shot of me with a grey hoodie on, nothing spectacular, in New Orleans, but I was very very sick with a kidney stone and wasn't able to do much modeling.

At this point working with Ev Dylan so much provided another challenge, which was keeping that edge an always trying to come up with something new. We had shot so much in Texas it became difficult to find new locations and new ideas. The pictures here were taken over the sporadic course of the winter in 2008, and would be the final pictures Ev Dylan and I did in 2008.

2009 would bring exciting new locations, new looks, and all kinds of unique ideas for our collaborations together.


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