Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New work with AU Fotografia (part 1)

It's mid summer here in Texas and after over a year of talking with local Houston photographer AU Fotografia we finally managed to work together. Part 1 of our shoot began with fashion all styled by the photographer himself, using his own fancy duds. The location is Galveston, just off the beach and then we took to the beach for some cloudy day cotten, sock like underwerar shots.

While fashion isn't typicaly what I do, I even felt at a loss how to pose. But I really enjoyed being styled and doing something different than what I am use to. The location which was actually on a big concrete slant wall ended up looking like a long deserted road. I had not done any modeling since my popular series with David Wagner back in April in California, so my hair had grown out a lot and we wanted to once again present something totally different, which I think we accomplish for both my portfolio and AU Photografia.

On his worldly travels, the photographer while in Asia picked up some rather interesting cotton underwear, that were very unique. The material felt almost like a sock, very losely women, but strong material. Back to what I feel like I do best, we ran back and forth on the rainy Texas beach capting all thre different designs of the underwear.

For more info on these shots visit their published location on Favorite Hunks

DW Chase model mayhem portfolio

AU Photografia model mayhem portfolio

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Singlet in July

You may have already gotten a taste of the singlet shots WagnerLA and I did, I think N2N posted a shot on their facebook page. But we held out on posting these shots til we got them published. You can see almost the entire set on, big thanks to them for publishing the work.

I had seen the N2N ad for this new singlet they had made and wanted to incorporate that into one of the segments with David Wagner. My idea originally was to use a smooth chest much more like the advertisement. You can see it here

However Wagner, and his love of body hair convinced me to shoot it both ways, beginning with the all natural body hair I had when I showed up for the shoot. After letting me look at the thumbnails on his camera, I said I didn't think we even needed to shoot it a different way. I was very happy with the results. I had done singlet shots in the past, and for whatever reason it didn't work, but I am very happy with how these turned out.

For more info on WagnerLA check out his portfolio