Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ev Dylan photoshoot in Malibu - May 2009

If you live in California you know that the Pacific Ocean is cold all year around, it can be 100 degrees outside, but the ocean is still ice cold. On one of his trips to California shooting models Ev Dylan and I shot in Malibu for the first time. This was a problem shoot for me, not because of the cold water which I was happy to endure, but the in-between-stage of my hair. I was in the process of growing my hair out and failed to make it look decent on this shoot. Ev Dylan was also in town shooting a Paul Frank concept which I had helped organize with various models

 My friend Michelangelo Orsini was also part of the Paul Frank shoot so we did a couple shots together. I guess some models can really deliver when it comes to duo shoots, I however have always failed at it. Orsini and I just didn't work in the same frame.

Other models featured in the Paul Frank shoot:


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