Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First shoot of 2009 - John Galang - Los Angeles, CA

So with nearly shaved hair, a new year I returned to Los Angeles for a week, and worked with wardrobe stylist John Galang. Also a young photographer, Galang had caught my attention on Model Mayhem with his intriguing themed styles and very appropriate locations. He was doing something no one else was on Model Mayhem, and I really wanted to work with him.

Perhaps finding a location was both of our faults, but when Galang suggested we shoot in my apartment in LA, with his lights it seemed like a good idea. The end result of the photos were not what either of us had hoped they would be, and would not be posted at all. The light made me look flat, the wardrobe choices didn't work with my look, and I guess you just can't win them all.


I still greatly admire Galang's work and creativity. I think he has a real talent for putting these ideas together and shooting outdoor with natural light.

Check out his work here.

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