Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How a backwoods southern boy got into modeling

In 2003, I was a very bored teenager, with little to no friends in high school, mostly due to my inability to function socially, and the fact I didn't want to be involved with most of the things people my age were doing. I spent my hours of boredom taking pictures, and unless I wanted to shoot trees, animals, deer or family members, there wasn't much else to take pictures of. So I got a tripod (eventually) and began posing for the camera.

At first it was Myspace, because I hadn't found Model Mayhem yet. It was a way to pass time and learn about poses. Each shot would take about 30 trial and errors before I got something I liked. I was 19 years old when I took these pictures, just after high school working on my AA degree. My interest in modeling wasn't even really exsistant at that point, it was just something to pass the time.

I continued taking pictures of myself once I got into college where I would earn a bachelors degree in mass communication. Again, I spent the majority of my time alone or working, so when I got bored, it was off to find cool places for pictures. At 21 and a junior in college, I got better at posing, started working out, getting creative with my hair. This led to me getting noticed on myspace and facebook.

It would be the summer of 2006 that I would take the picture that got me noticed and led me to MODEL MAYHEM. It was a risky picture, due to the fact that it was in the parking lot near my dorm room, just after a nighttime rain shower. Anyone could have been parking and witnessed me running around like a crazy person in my underwear, but I made the shot work with some cheapo Walmart underwear. This would be the picture I would use to start my Model Mayhem account.
It would only be days after posting this shot that I would get my first photoshoot. With my mom in tow, traveling 3 hours east into central NC. . .

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  1. What an amazing tale! This was a very, very smart idea on your part to start this blog. It demonstrates examples on how to get noticed in the industry. It also reveals a human element to your path and sets a whole other level of respect for your work. You have tremendous talent and, of course, are irresistably attractive (an almost exotic and stunning look). Best of luck to you and I'm glad I ran into your blog.