Thursday, December 1, 2011

DW Chase featured in Bliss Magazine AGAIN for Dec 2011

Well Bliss has pubished me again, YAY! This time my work with Wagner LA. Bliss posted some never before seen pics from our shoot earlier this year.

Full article and pics here...

Monday, October 31, 2011

DW Chase now on TUMBLR!

More DW Chase than you ever wanted!

DW Chase is on his usual hiatus from modeling right now, will have new photoshoots in a couple of months. Meanwhile check out the DW Chase Tumblr where you will see exclusive never before published photos.

Friday, October 7, 2011


On the cover of the new BLISS MAGAZINE you will see the latest photoshoot I did with my buddy Ev Dylan. After 20 photoshoots, over nearly 4 years, we have decided this is our final work together. Inside the Bliss article you will find a tell all interview and tons of new images from the final shoot which happened on The Big Island of Hawaii.

Ev Dylan and I have shot all over the globe and done some amazing work together. Our work together however has taken us down different paths and I have now grown to be his oldest model. With Ev Dylan photography focusing on more new and upcoming models, it is time for our work together to part ways, however we will always remain the best of friends. I have learned so much working with him over the years, and he has been the biggest inspiration in my modeling career.

The photoshoot in Hawaii (our second time shooting in Hawaii, but first time on The Big Island) is a classic representation of Ev Dylan's very recognizable work. I look forward to seeing all the new work from Ev Dylan and the models who are lucky enough to work with one of the greats.

The landscape on The Big Island is vast, sweeping and stunning. In comparrison to Oahu, where I had done photoshoots before, this was much more interesting and appealing. You have lava rocks everywhere on one side, 10,000ft volcano tops that are cold as ice, beautiful clear beaches, every color of sand you can imagine (white, black, green).

Full set of pics, and exclusive interview with DW CHASE here:

Sunday, September 18, 2011

DW Chase's Samurai Adventure in Japan (Beautiful Mag)

Beautiful Magazine has just published a new article on my photoshoot with photographer Buddy Jiang in Japan. This was actually the first shoot while I was there and we went out to Jogashima Island. I must give all the credit, and I mean all of it to Buddy Jiang who is very young but so talented. He picked the location, the killer in-vogue Samurai Underwear and managed to make Japan look like it wasn't full of people (which is very difficult).

These types of photoshoots are more like memories of being in that killer location on a trip of a lifetime.

Check out the full article on Beautiful Magazine here

Check out more of photographer BUDDY JIANG

Friday, September 9, 2011

DW CHASE featured in Dylan Rosser's magazine THE MALE FORM issue #2

Dylan Rosser's magazine THE MALE FORM just put out it's second issue featuring the work of photographer EV DYLAN and his new book LUST featuring DW Chase on the cover.
Inside the magazine you get an exclusive sneak peak at the LUST book and a handful of models.

Lust is now on sale at Blurb.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

TOKYO JAPAN photoshoot with Joey Wong for TOOT UNDERWEAR

My first modeling experiance in Asia
was certainly an interesting one. I landed in Tokyo Japan, 6 months after the devistating earthquake. I have become a huge fan of the underwear and swimwear designs of TOOT a Japanese company making waves in men's undergarmet design.

Check out all their cool styles on their website HERE

I met up with photographer Joey Wong who is actually from Portland Oregon who is living and working in Tokyo. He brought along photographer Jim Ollett, also from Portland who assisted with the technical aspect of the shoot. Wong and Ollett has both worked with some models I knew from the west coast.

I wanted to find a cool spot for the shoot, and we had been looking for interesting ally ways with those traditional Japanese red lanterns. Wong found the perfect spot in Shinbashi. The location ended up being quite the public ally, as we had people from both sides walking through the photoshoot. In Tokyo, you cannot go anywhere without people in every corner. So up and down the shorts went everytime someone walked on set.

My only regret is I wish I had more of the Toot underwear for the shoot, but it was difficult to find the more interesting and newer styles around the city.

 The Male Magazine Blog ETHAN SAYS featured the photos and article on their site, you can see more HERE.

Before we shot the TOOT underwear shots, we did some practice shots in another location where we got kicked out.

DW Chase Model Mayhem
Joey Wong Model Mayhem
jtPHOTO Model Mayhem
photos edited by CS Photographic

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DNA publishes latest DW Chase / AU Fotografia photoshoot!

This first shoot with Texas photographer AU Fotografia was quite an experience. After we shot all the fashionable stuff (which you already saw if you read my blog) we headed down to the beach, where a dark storm cloud loomed. Mind you it hadn't rained in Texas or Galveston in about two months. But of course the rain seemed apparent and we sure needed it. Like troopers, both I and the photographer were committed, and proceeded in the rain.

When we first pulled out the vintage, army parachute (which had spawned from the usage of parachute's in Rick Day's Ruskin campaigns) the 20+ mph wind carried me down the wet beach. Once I finally learned how to tame the parachute, which floated about five feet or more above me, it worked out great because my muscle flexing and straining wasn't faked, it was taking all of my might to stay on the ground and hold the parachute in place.

It didn't really matter that I was soaking wet, but the parachute got wet and so did the photographer, but we made the best of it. While the beach was mostly deserted due to the rain, we did have one on-looker who even took out his camera and started taking pictures of the photoshoot. It was certainly one of the most memorable and fun shoots I have had in a long time. I had sand in every possible crevasse after we were done.

A special thanks go out to DNA magazine for publishing the shots exclusively on their site. Thanks Robert!

Click here to see the DNA article which has MORE shots from the parachute photoshoot.

DW Chase model mayhem portfolio

AU Photografia model mayhem portfolio

Friday, August 5, 2011


Over the summer I had posted a casting call for all of Texas just to see if I could find anyone interesting. I was contacted by Christine of Fuzzy Photography in San Antonio Texas who presented me with a conceptual drawing she had done, and explained she had been looking for the right male model to make the drawing come alive.

Certainly not the type of work I was use to, but I accepted the challenge. Christine got together the hair stylist (or in this case the wig stylist), makeup, and the female model. Well over 100 degrees when we shot this concept, although we were in a studio, it was my second time in San Antonio, home of the Alamo and Miss Congeniality.

The concept behind the drawing is the male is bird like, and the female cat like and according to Christine they have both an interest or facination in each other but also destain. Her direction on the emotions we were meant to convey helped get into this character.

The female model, Christina was like a double for Jessica Alba, very beautiful and fun to work with.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New work with AU Fotografia (part 1)

It's mid summer here in Texas and after over a year of talking with local Houston photographer AU Fotografia we finally managed to work together. Part 1 of our shoot began with fashion all styled by the photographer himself, using his own fancy duds. The location is Galveston, just off the beach and then we took to the beach for some cloudy day cotten, sock like underwerar shots.

While fashion isn't typicaly what I do, I even felt at a loss how to pose. But I really enjoyed being styled and doing something different than what I am use to. The location which was actually on a big concrete slant wall ended up looking like a long deserted road. I had not done any modeling since my popular series with David Wagner back in April in California, so my hair had grown out a lot and we wanted to once again present something totally different, which I think we accomplish for both my portfolio and AU Photografia.

On his worldly travels, the photographer while in Asia picked up some rather interesting cotton underwear, that were very unique. The material felt almost like a sock, very losely women, but strong material. Back to what I feel like I do best, we ran back and forth on the rainy Texas beach capting all thre different designs of the underwear.

For more info on these shots visit their published location on Favorite Hunks

DW Chase model mayhem portfolio

AU Photografia model mayhem portfolio