Tuesday, October 12, 2010

RC Imagery part II, first shoot of 2007

The first time RC Imagery and I shot together was in Asheville, NC, it was only my 4th shoot, it was snowing outside and my hair looked like crap. Now graduated, working hard, I had more flexibility. So I drove down to Raleigh to work with RC Imagery in his own environment, in the spring time. My hair was now my natural color, and longer, plus I had been working on my body much more at the gym. This was the first shoot where I really pushed the edgy, sex appeal limits and I think it was clear after the shoot was over, these were my best images at that point. Some of the ideas didn't work, but RC Imagery was always helpful in giving feedback and helping me get the best shot possible. This shoot would last over the course of about 48 hours.

"DW Chase brought a lot of edgy, sexy ideas to the shoot. He really came out of his shell on our second shoot and turned up the thermostat a few notches." - RC Imagery

RC Imagery Model Mayhem

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