Saturday, October 9, 2010

3rd Photoshoot: First time on a plane, first trip to California

Almost exactly 4 years ago, while still in college, I flew across the country to Northern California to shoot with RG Photography. A photographer well known on the west coast for shooting many models in the Ford Agency. RG had been a fan of my work and agreed to help me further my modeling goals. He was the first person to really help me learn and hold poses, giving strict direction, and knowing exactly what he wanted everything to look like. Most of the locations were near Santa Cruz and very cold, I was shaking after each shot, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Always had I dreamed on going to California and just up and going was an unforgettable experience. I am still very proud of the work RG and I did together, even though my hair was at maybe the worst during that shoot it has ever been. I had not realized how powerful body hair could be used at that point, so everything was very standard and trimmed.
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