Thursday, October 7, 2010

My first photoshoot. July 2006, Chapel Hill, NC

In 2006 I drove to Chapel Hill to work with my first official Photographer. Locoya Hill (LM Hill Photography) was to be the first of many Model Mayhem contacts. With a wrinkly background, shot mostly inside his studio, the shots didn't turn out too much different than the pictures I had taken myself, except I wasn't running back and forth setting the timer. Locoya was encouraging and at the time we were both learning and would eventually get much better. As first shoots go, it was a learning experience. It would only be about a month later until I got a call to travel 5 hours south for my 2nd photoshoot...

For more information on LM Hill Photography who now works in San Francisco, CA visit his Model Mayhem profile...

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  1. I just have to say I've really enjoyed your unique look on MM over the last months, and how you seem to be getting a lot of notice.

    This blog is awesome in that you get more of an insider's perspective, the chronological approach is very charming and interesting, and I hope to see images that have not already had a lot of play on your MM profile (i.e., the background of this blog). Cheers!