Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Working with Sierra Prescott - California - Feb 2010

I had worked with a female photographer once in the past, and if your wondering where those pictures are, so am I. I never got them, and it is the only time that has ever happened.

I discovered Sierra Prescott through my model friend David Walsh in Los Angeles, who has worked with her and said lots of nice things. So I ask if she would be interested in shooting me, and she agreed so I drove from Beverly Hills to La Canada (somewhere I had never been) to work with her. Young, pretty, and very sure of what she wanted, we shot in her basement that was set up like a real studio. Her friend Courtney Beckett, also a photographer, did my hair for the shoot. My hair was longish, much to the girls dislike, so they made it look short.

I think Sierra and Courtney got some laughter at my expense during the shoot, as Sierra ask me to do some ridiculous poses, hops, and weird dancing, haha, I obliged but she didn't edit any of those, probably a good thing. I enjoyed working with them both, and was very happy with the result, as it was different than anything I had.

Sierra Prescott - Model Mayhem


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