Monday, November 8, 2010

Ev Dylan - Beverly Hills shoot - Feb 2010

So the first shoot of 2010, returning to California with Ev Dylan.

California weather was not what either of us planned for, pouring rain, land slides, we were actually blocked in the house we were staying at due to a rock slide. Of course that didn't stop us. For this shoot, I had long, very long dark hair, completely let the body hair grow out, which made for one heck of an iconic pit shot that I was very proud of. While in Beverly Hills, Ev did a lot of shooting for his upcoming book Lust with some really great models.


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  1. Just keeps getting better and better, and these photos really turn up the heat. I just love the second and third images. The fifth as well, but I must say that it really calls out for a full nude, though I recognize that's not what you're about. Great work.