Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ev Dylan - Sydney Australia - May 2010

To date the photos we did in Sydney Australia and around Manly Beach are the most popular images so far. They appeared on the DNA website and were featured in a Beautiful Magazine article. It was fall like I mentioned previously so making the aussie speedos look like summer weather fun wasn't that easy. There were lots of images that really weren't shows because the clear favorites were chosen right out of the gate.

I ran into a head scratching problem working on one of the concepts for the shoot with Ev Dylan. I wanted to do a classic and iconic Australian Life Saving outfit, but we noticed they weren't sold anywhere not even the similar colors which are red and yellow. So because I am a short boy, we did find a kids speedo and shirt and got the largest size and it worked perfectly. Major shout out to the Between the Flags company!




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  1. Ha! No wonder it looks like you're about to burst out of those trunks. You know, I never considered your height, but after you mentioned it here I went to your MM profile to check it out. Judging from your slender and lanky proportions I assumed you were six-foot-something. Interesting.