Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ev Dylan - Kansas Photoshoot - August 2010

There was no yellow brick road, or wicked witch, however long time collaborator Ev Dylan and I ventured to Midwest Kansas for a completely different type of photoshoot. We drove around looking for open fields and cool spots to implement some of the ideas that would only work in this location, so it was a one time chance.

I think originally we envisioned these pictures turning out different, but I think they are interesting done the less, and did finally find some interest on a blog where they were published in Beautiful Magazine.

Can I also take the time to say I really appreciate all the kindness and space Beautiful Magazine has given me on their magazine this past year. They have been so encouraging in my modeling career and always willing to put my new work out there with such kind backing, I really appreciate their generosity.

Here are some of the Kansas shots that did not end up in Beautiful Magazine


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  1. Wow! The foto with the straw hat is marvellous! You look so great there with your open and wholehearted smile! And the styling is superb!(btw the whole concept reminds me of one of the most joyous pictures Vincent van Gogh ever made!