Thursday, November 18, 2010

Calvin Brockington Photography - Dallas, TX - August 2010

I had been patiently watching this former model get into a career of photography. I first heard of Calvin Brockington when we did some modeling work for Ethan James, a photographer I had also worked with, but that was years ago. It was late spring 2010 that I noticed Calvin starting to get more and more talented behind the camera, working with some impressive models in Dallas, TX where he was based.

 I had been asked by a few photographer to make the long drive to Dallas for a photoshoot, but I really didn't feel any of them were worth my time until CBF. After his work with models Dylan and James I began talks with Calvin about a shoot for late summer. He agreed and seemed very excited to work with me, which is something I find less and less of the more I model. Excitement from a photographer can make all the difference for me as the model, it makes me want to try harder, work on concepts and go the extra mile.

So I made the 5 hour drive to Dallas, TX where I met with Calvin and his set location assistant, as we traveled out to Fort Worth for a shoot that was themed "country life". Calvin certainly understand sex appeal and he and I had been discussing ideas and concepts for this particular idea for a couple of months. He found a great location that really rooted the theme.

Because of Calvin's enthusiasm, talent, and intense worth ethic he had quickly become very popular in online men's fashion magazines and contacted them immediately after our shoot and it seemed various publications were very excited to post and publish our work, so here are some of the links where the first shoot Calvin Brockington and I did were published.


  1. Dustin-

    this has always been one of my favorite series. you & Calvin pulled it off so well. I have been wanting to do something similar. I just need to find a farm close to Portland. :) I have a model who would be perfect.

  2. Your body is killer in these photos. Yep. Hotness.