Monday, November 22, 2010

Ev Dylan - Seattle, Washington, September 2010

It wasn't easy getting getting all of may hair cut off, because I had been growing it out all year long. However, I was tried of fooling with the curls and the length. I wanted a change, and I wanted a drastically different look. I was recommended to a great young guy in Houston Texas for the haircut, Holden Allen who studied my head, look, hair, etc and came up with a fantastic short hair idea that is similar to a new age mohawk but still very different. I fell in love with the hair cut, and didn't miss the long hair very long.

My first shoot with the new hair would be a Washington National Forrest series with Ev Dylan near Seattle. It was actually very close to where the Twilight movies are filmed. The shoot was picked up and published by YVY Magazine (which seemed to have crashed this week)


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