Saturday, November 6, 2010

CS Photography The Sequel: Nov 2009 BOSTON, MA

For November 2009, I decided against my better judgement to travel up north for a week. Dreading the cold temperatures of Boston, New York and Connecticut, I went anyway, because I had never been in the area.

My long time friend and photographer CS Photography and I had planned to work together again since our first test shoot in Los Angeles almost exactly a year prior. He now works in Boston, so this was finally that opportunity.

The first thing you notice about CS Photography is the editing, he is so talented at editing pictures, he will spend hours upon days getting it perfect. We both had ideas for a couple of the shots, I came up with the sink shot, while the flying necktie was all his creation.

It was great to work together again and maybe some where down the line we will make it a third shoot, because I def owe him short hair, facial scruff, body hair shoot since I always seem to have disagreeable long hair during our shoots, haha.

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  1. La prima foto, bella faccia come l'angelo.