Sunday, November 21, 2010

Darren Sabino - 2nd Photoshoot - Sept 2010

Photographer Darren Sabino and I really liked working together back in the spring and kept in touch to plan a second shoot. Sabino had an idea for a couples shoot and was scouting to find the perfect female model. After a couple of models, a few false starts, cancelled shoots and location changes, finally everything came together on Galveston, Texas' West End beach in a national park reserve area. The very beautiful Caitlin Hixx from Houston, TX was the female model finally chosen for the shoot. Caitlin's boyfriend, Sabino, and I all met on the beach with only a few hours of remaining sun to make the shoot work.

I was very excited, and had scouted the location for the shoot myself on my own time, I had always wanted to work with a beautiful female model on a shoot like this. I felt the shots turned out fantastic from what I saw on the camera and the preview shots Sabino showed me a few weeks later. . . however, now 68 days later, Sabino has still not edited and returned the pictures. I have texted, called, left Facebook messages, emails, and Sabino moved from TX to NY for another job and lately has not returned my msg's (to be fair after this post he did leave me a voice mail).  I was not paid for this shoot, which was fine, but I put quite a few hours into the shoot, scouting, taking off work early to make the shoot, and my payment for the shoot was the pictures, which I don't have.

I do understand Sabino is busy, but its the most annoying thing for a model is to be waiting, and waiting, and waiting for pictures. I usually like to post my pictures in chronological order (especially since I started this blog) but sadly I have no pictures to post this time, and no idea when I will actually get them.

This was actually the last photoshoot I did with my long curly hair, I cut it right after the shoot with Sabino .

Here is Darren Sabino's facebook, encourage him to edit the pictures so I can post them!!/darrensabino

Here is also Darren Sabino's TWITTER and you can clearly see he is doing many other things instead of editing the pictures, which really kind of makes me mad, if he is that busy he shouldn't be doing other photoshoots while neglecting the pictures we did back in September.

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