Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First shoot with Darren Sabino - Spring 2010

Photographer Darren Sabino moved from Seattle, WA to Houston, TX and I found him on Model Mayhem. He was picky about the models he worked with, which I liked, because he seemed to care a lot about his photography. He had shot some really great, high production value work in Seattle and told me I wouldn't be getting the entire team, but I still felt like the shots would turn out great, and they did.

I scouted locations around Galveston, TX and found a spot on the East End where the tall grass meets the ocean. Sabino, my age or younger, brought his lights and creativity and we got some shots that really stand out in my port for being different, and more magazine like quality. I felt like I should be advertising cologne with these pictures, haha.
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1 comment:

  1. Dustin-

    these are really good! and what a great location! Everything works so well in the pics. & you are right they do look like you are selling cologne! haha
    Nice job by both of you.