Sunday, November 14, 2010

AUSTRALIA - Xiaohan Shen - May 2010

Ironic, I am doing this blog post from Australia (just the other side of the country), anyway....

I traveled to Sydney, Australia in May of 2010 and had planned a shoot with photographer Gun Sydney who had to cancel at the last minute. However he recommended a friend and photographer of his, Xiaohan Shen whom I coordinated a last minute shoot with.

Now Australia is on the other side of the world from Texas, so May there is the last month of fall, going into winter. Xiaohan and I managed to grab a day with good lighting between rain showers, but it was still very cold.

I really enjoyed working with the young, talented Xiaohan, she was encouraging and did some amazing work on the photos in post that really stunned lots of people. Here you will see some of the popular shots from the shoot as well as many others that have never been seen. It was a great first shoot in Sydney.

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  1. Great set of images Dustin. But it just looks cold!BRRRR