Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ev Dylan and DW Chase return to the desert 2 years later

Hard to believe two years have gone by since the first time I shot with Ev Dylan in the Mojavie desert at Joshua Tree, so many pictures, so many changes, but after 2 years we both returned to the same spot to shoot once again.

 Compared to the first shoot here, it was much cooler temperature this time. I obviously was in much different and better shape than that original shoot, but did return to the desert with long blond hair once again. Some of these shots were done throughout Southern California and not just in the Palm Springs area however.


I wanted to do something completely different this time, so I dyed my entire body hair, everywhere, blond for this shoot. It was an interesting experience and something I had toyed with once (if you noticed it in the Andrew Keshan pix). I think it created a really neat effect especially with my long blond curly hair.



  1. The work you do in collaboration with Ev is hands down my favorite. I guess working together for an extended period of time just really allows for some great flow. Finally, some scandalous images!

  2. The shot of you on the park bench is hot. It would be even hotter if you weren't wearing that singlet.

  3. how did you get your hair like that my hairs curly like yours but is poofs out

  4. It just takes lots of work to tame it