Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Firebird Photography - Sept 2009

While in Hawai'i I had the privilege to work with renown Hawaiian photographer Cheyne Gallarde who is Firebird Photography. He has one of the most recognizable photography styles online. His obsession with both the vintage look and the clothes of an evaporated era make his work remarkably distinctive. Everyone wants a Firebird shot in their portfolio and I was very excited that Cheyne agreed to work with me while I was on the island.

We did three themed concepts near Honolulu, one was a swashbuckler, the other a French Legionnaire, and finally a simple vintage beach boy. After meeting Cheyne is doesn't take long to realize his passion for his work, and I think that shows through his photography. Every idea and concept is truly unique to his creativity. He takes common items and turns them into functionable wardrobe, organizing all the items himself.

Firebird Photography model mayhem
Firebird Photography website

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