Sunday, November 28, 2010

Less frequent Updates . . . whats up next

I won't be posting daily anymore, because I ran out of photoshoots to show you guys, haha. The newst pictures are always posted on my Model Mayhem account.

What I haven't posted on this blog yet are
-the entire set of Malibu pics v Dylan and I did in October

-The second shoot with CBF in Dallas
-The epic Perth, Australia shoot I did in Nov with Ev Dylan which hopefully will be featured in DNA

So keep checkin back, I still have a few surprises to post on here, and I will add something each week.

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  1. Dustin: this has been a real treat. I follow MM and other model/fashion/photo blogs, and though I work with images a lot, I'm not in that industry. I've always been curious what a model's process was, and how someone establishes a career. So your postings have been a kind of window into that world, at least your part of it. And it's fun to comment on the work posted here. Plus, since you're sexy as fuck and great to look at, I've really enjoyed seeing photos that have not already gotten extensive play. Looking forward to future work, and the 'Lust' book, whenever that's released ... your work with Ev is very compelling and increasingly elegant. Keep up the good work, and all the best to you. Cheers.