Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DW Chase featured on DNA (new shots from David Wagner)

I flew to West Hollywood to work with David Wagner (WagnerLA) on a shoot e had been planning for quite a long time. See when I decide to work with a photographer I do my research and spent my time creatin ideas, concepts and looks that will be different from what I have done before for my potfolio and the photographers.

Now after living in Los Angeles for a year, I can honestly say David Wagner is the nicest, most caring, considerate, and professional human I have met in Southern California. We spent months trading emails back and forth working on ideas, and I bought all kinda of new stuff for the shoot.

It had taken a while for these three (out of 30!!!!) images to finally get posted, but hopefully it was worth the wait. Thanks to the Australian Magazine DNA (or at least the online version) for publishing these three images. There is much more to come from this photoseries.

DNA article link

David Wagner's portfolio on Model Mayhem

DW Chase Model Mayhem


  1. DNA ... yay ... thought you were turned down before. Congrats.


  2. PS Your eyes look amazing in the first two shots.

  3. It is just a feature on the online edition, but stil very exciting!

  4. Love David's work DW and your work with him is incredible!