Monday, May 9, 2011

Another shot by Ev Dylan, from the Western Australia shoot


  1. Hot shot! Would be hotter if you weren't wearing those briefs and we could finally see your dick.

  2. OK, I don't understand this whole modeling thing.

    I follow MM and all the big blogs. I love excellent photos of beautiful men and appreciate them as a combination of aestheticism and eroticism. I see a lot of tease in current trend lately, especially in shooting underwear. You, Dustin, are kind of a master of this, especially in your work with Ev Dylan. After one sees image after image of VPL (one aspect of otherwise also brilliant work), one begins to share the point of view of the comment above. I realize of course that how one approaches nudes depends on what you want to get out of your career, and what you feel comfortable doing. I figure you have shot nudes but just haven't published any. My question is, toward what end does a male model engage in these teasing images? I know it makes you hot, and you gain a certain notoriety, but I honestly don't understand where the teasing business leads you, other than getting a bunch of moes (myself included) worked up.

    To further complicate the issue, sometimes MM guys edit the more scandalous photos for their profiles. This alteration I see as a kind of desecration of the original image. For example, the image posted here says crop in the title. If it is, what's missing? Is it the bottom of the image? If so, why? I would rather original images not be published if they are too graphic than to see them edited. I hope I got the tone right here, I'm not criticizing, I legitimately want to understand. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  3. Oh ... by "nudes" in my comment, I meant frontal nudes ...

  4. To anonymous #2 (not sure why you didn’t put your name to what you wrote as if you were afraid?)

    You ask to "what end" well there is no end, I like doing these kinds of images. There is a lot of personal stuff revolving around my modeling career (one being this is more of a hobby outside of my real job which is in the field of professional journalism). Secondly I am a 27 year old virgin and for whatever reason want to save at least that part of myself for my wife.

    I fully realize that I am not or never will be a model who gets big bucks or is sought after by agencies or campaigns (I am a 5'7'' redneck in disguise from NC, c'mon). And I know that as SOON as I were to do a full frontal photo everyone would stop following my career and move on to the next model they want to see in the buff.

    Lastly the only way you know that image is titled crop is if you tried to save it. Crop doesn’t necessarily refer to cropping out nudity as much as it might just cropping the image to fit better on the page. Clearly I need to rename my pictures better before I post them since viewers are paying attention to that.

    I do thank you for your comments, and I greatly appreciate them and hope you continue to follow my work and artistic endeavors as a model.

  5. Dustin,

    Thank you so much for responding to my question!

    I consider myself a fan and have contributed other comments here. I thought it better to just remain anonymous, not because I am afraid, but because I like the ambiguity and, really, who cares what my name is in the context of blog commentary?

    I am curious about this aspect of the current modeling scene, an industry that I am intrigued by, but not a part of (I would love to be taking photos but the field seems already glutted to me). You have shared a lot of your story in this blog, and your response to my query continues that trend. You show up as a person and not simply an image. I really appreciate that and want to reiterate that I wasn't trying to be critical or antagonistic. Nor was I actually expecting a response in this forum, so for me that interaction is awesome and quite a surprise!

    I understand your point about nudity and your career (and your life). So there is my answer. I also see how next-hot-models come and go, and that you have attained a certain longevity. And the content of your career is a personal decision. Thank you for your perspective.

    On the technical piece: I didn't save a copy of this image, the title shows up when I hover over it with my mouse, er, trackball ... sorry, I work a lot with images and web stuff.

    OK, that's enough from me. Keep up the great work; always fun to see new images of you, whatever you're wearing/not wearing.

    Cheers, Gene