Thursday, September 1, 2011

TOKYO JAPAN photoshoot with Joey Wong for TOOT UNDERWEAR

My first modeling experiance in Asia
was certainly an interesting one. I landed in Tokyo Japan, 6 months after the devistating earthquake. I have become a huge fan of the underwear and swimwear designs of TOOT a Japanese company making waves in men's undergarmet design.

Check out all their cool styles on their website HERE

I met up with photographer Joey Wong who is actually from Portland Oregon who is living and working in Tokyo. He brought along photographer Jim Ollett, also from Portland who assisted with the technical aspect of the shoot. Wong and Ollett has both worked with some models I knew from the west coast.

I wanted to find a cool spot for the shoot, and we had been looking for interesting ally ways with those traditional Japanese red lanterns. Wong found the perfect spot in Shinbashi. The location ended up being quite the public ally, as we had people from both sides walking through the photoshoot. In Tokyo, you cannot go anywhere without people in every corner. So up and down the shorts went everytime someone walked on set.

My only regret is I wish I had more of the Toot underwear for the shoot, but it was difficult to find the more interesting and newer styles around the city.

 The Male Magazine Blog ETHAN SAYS featured the photos and article on their site, you can see more HERE.

Before we shot the TOOT underwear shots, we did some practice shots in another location where we got kicked out.

DW Chase Model Mayhem
Joey Wong Model Mayhem
jtPHOTO Model Mayhem
photos edited by CS Photographic


  1. These are fucking cool.
    Really love the one with the shoes.
    Your hair is banging.

    Haiku. Cheers.

  2. The third pic down would be really hot if your dick was hanging out of one of the holes in the front of the underwear.