Friday, August 5, 2011


Over the summer I had posted a casting call for all of Texas just to see if I could find anyone interesting. I was contacted by Christine of Fuzzy Photography in San Antonio Texas who presented me with a conceptual drawing she had done, and explained she had been looking for the right male model to make the drawing come alive.

Certainly not the type of work I was use to, but I accepted the challenge. Christine got together the hair stylist (or in this case the wig stylist), makeup, and the female model. Well over 100 degrees when we shot this concept, although we were in a studio, it was my second time in San Antonio, home of the Alamo and Miss Congeniality.

The concept behind the drawing is the male is bird like, and the female cat like and according to Christine they have both an interest or facination in each other but also destain. Her direction on the emotions we were meant to convey helped get into this character.

The female model, Christina was like a double for Jessica Alba, very beautiful and fun to work with.

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