Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kauai photoshoot with Charlie Valentine

My third visit to the state of Hawaii took me to the oldest island Kauai, nown for its rainly climate and lush preserved rainforrests. It was hard finding someone to work with on the Island but when I saw Charlie Valentine's work on Model Mayhem (back in Jan, when I was looking) I knew he was the dude I wanted to work with. It's always great for me finding these up & coming photographers on the brink of great things and throwing them a little bit of a challenge.

After pestering the young Valentine for a few months he finally agreed to work with me, and he choose a location on the west where I was staying (which is thevery dry side of Kauai). There was a beach called Glass Beach where tiny little shards of colored glass mixed in with the and made for a very interesting beach.

Valentine and I worked with a few dfifferent outfits, as I quickly changed on the beach, we shot until the beautiful Hawaiin sun went down and I had one more great photoshoot in the land of Aloha. Also thanks for the guys at Ethan Says for publishing the exclusive images!

For more on Charlie Valentine check out his Model Mayhem portfolio


  1. I'm posting here 'cause I'm far too lazy to set up a tumbler account to reply to you there.

    1) Zac Efron would give his left nut to be half as attractive as you and...

    2) WTF?! am I saying!!! Zac would chop it ALL off to be 1/10 as attractive.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Wow, who are you?

      Thats really flattering, really really flattering, but perhaps you need your eyes checked, lol. Zac is perfect, in every way... well he does have a tattoo, thats stupid, lol. I appriciate the thought though

  2. Well, I'm happy for you that you like him, but if any of him belongs to me, you can have my share. I just don't see it. Probably from watching "High School Musical" too many times with the n&ns (nieces and nephews). I should introduce you to my friend Jase, aka "Mrs Zac Efron"; you two could yack all about him all day. Bleh!