Friday, March 16, 2012

More pics from the AU Fotografia shoot

Guys I am sorry I haven't been posting very much. I hope everyone is also following my on my tumblr, its a little easier to post on there so I add just fun random pics of me from time to time.

Here is the rest of the shots from the first shoot in 2012 I did with AU Fotografia.

I have already done another shoot which should be published soon, and I am heading back to Hawaii, Kauai this time and will hopefully land a shoot while I am there.


  1. You look and feel more mature in these images. I think it has to do with your working out prior to the shoot. Sometimes I wonder how you would look with your hair buzzed short, could be intense. Random question: would you consider going back to school? I feel like it would be good for you. Ta! Gene

    1. Thanks for the comment Gene, but I am confused why you would say I should go back to school. After my bachelors degree in Mass Communication, now working for a magazine and doing exactly what I set out to do (be a film critic and entertainment journalist), why would I want to go back to school and what for?

  2. I honestly don't know why I would say that, it just came up ... probably best to just focus on the photos. BTW, love the tumblr skateboard shots ...